Ammini Solar Pvt Ltd is one of the leading Solar PV modules & Solar Lighting Systems manufacturers in Kerala.

Company History

Ammini Solar Pvt Ltd was started in 2001 at KINFRA Small Industries Park, St. Xavier’s College Post, Trivandrum. Our products include Solar PV Modules and Solar Lighting Systems. Ammini Solar Pvt Ltd is one of such units in Kerala which manufactures Solar PV modules even today. Ammini Solar now has a modern manufacturing Facility for solar PV modules and Solar Systems with the latest Production and testing equipment.

Our unique achievement is that we could start and run an MSME unit successfully in Kerala, which is working in the latest technology areas such as LED lighting and Renewable Energy (RE) with products developed using the in-house and own R&D and supplying and satisfying customer like Philips India Limited by meeting and honouring all legal and statutory requirements.

Kottakal Arya Vaidya Sala


Bidirectional Invertor

About The Founder

Our founder late Mr KG Madhu is considered one of the pioneers of Solar Industry in Kerala. He started the business when no one had heard about Solar Power. His vision is the driving force behind the company. He had started the company after resigning a stable Job in Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre and that too at a time when the Solar industry was taking the baby steps. He was successful in making the brand “Ammini” a household name. His contributions to the Solar industry is something we can’t neglect.

Now the company is managed by Aparna Poduval wife of KG Madhu, who was also part of this industry for the past 15 years.

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